High on the slopes of Mauna Loa in South Kona our coffee trees thrive in  rich volcanic soil.

Our geese tend the weeds and fertilize the trees. 

We hand pick to insure only the ripe coffee beans are used, creating one of the richest coffees to be found any where in the world. 

After hand picking we roast the beans, with tender loving care, to a Dark Vienna roast. 

Producing coffee through a truly organic and environmentally sustainable farming system is not the EASIEST way to farm, but once you have tasted our coffee we think you will agree it's the BEST way to farm.

Only  100% Pure Estate Grown Kona Coffee - Certified Organic (Demeter)


We offer our 
Certified Organic Green Beans 
for Home Roasters or Coffee Shops, as available....
Please email us or phone 808-328-2306 for current prices and shipping costs.

Coming to Kona? 
We welcome visitors.... 
Please call ahead to be sure we are there to greet you and not out tending our coffee or our geese.


"Our coffee from our award-winning kona coffee farm is full bodied with a pleasing aroma."
Vicki & John Swift
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